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As a professional designer (and recent bride) Sarah understands all the choices that need to be made when designing materials for a big event, small party or new business venture. She knows it can be overwhelming – there are so many things to consider (paper, verbiage, print method, etc.)! She loves working with you to create a tailored package of goodies that incorporates all the unique and memorable details and elements which inspire the final materials to be truly custom.
 Get together with Sarah over coffee, Skype or email and talk about the specifics of your project (the more details the better). Bring as many ideas as you have to the table. This is the time to tell Sarah about the brooch of your Grandma’s you’ll be wearing at your wedding, the favorite activity of your birthday-bound little guy or gal, the name of the town that inspired your business name (or any other details that are contributing to the vision for your big day, big party or big business endeavour). Think quantity too; how many invitations/business cards/etc. do you plan on needing? The more details you have, the more accurate the estimate Sarah provides will be. Don’t have any idea? That’s ok too!

 Once Sarah has put together an estimate with details about the printing, quantity and estimate of design time, she’ll wait for your approval and then send a contract over. A 50% deposit of the estimated total for design and printing will be due at that time. Upon receipt of the deposit and contract, she will get started on your custom designs (woo hoo)!

Sarah will prepare 2-3 design directions for review and once the winner is selected, there will be room for two small rounds of design tweaks (this excludes major revisions to design direction and sizing). Once the designs are finalized you’ll be asked to do a thorough proofreading of the materials (check the phone number is accurate, your in-laws names are spelled correctly and all is as it should be). Once it’s approved, the remaining balance will be due and the designs will be sent off to press.  

There is no set price for a custom project as pricing is dependent on a number of factors (complexity of desired design, printing method, paper, etc). If you have a budget in mind,  Sarah can talk with you about your options and what may work best for you. Because of the variety of print methods offered, custom designs from Sarah Pederson Design fit into budgets of all sizes.

Sarah works with as many local and independent digital, letterpress and conventional printers as possible. She strives to create partnerships with vendors who have honed their craft and are passionate about bringing printed materials to life. Printing options include digital, letterpress, thermography and offset.

Sarah works with vendors who share her desire to produce printed/handmade goodies that are environmentally responsible and utilize soy-based or low VOC inks, paper with high recycled content and are local vendors, when possible.