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Sarah Pederson, owner and design maven of Sarah Pederson Design, is an eco & budget conscious Midwestern designer who has a love for clean, off-beat, classic, vintage and one-of-a kind design. Sarah specializes in crafting custom wedding invitation suites, bridal and baby shower announcements, birth announcements and special event materials.

Sarah has always been curious. As a child, she was reaching out to touch the fabric on the bolts, asking "why" time and time again, and exploring any tree/ counter/ open bag of buttons she could find. Sarah was an explorer by nature and loved the thrill of discovering something new.

As an adult, and professional graphic designer working for over eight years in Chicago, Sarah has learned to foster that curiosity and independence in her designs and process as well. She is drawn into the history and tactile quality of paper, fabric, vintage buttons and findings and believes that design starts with an engaging story.

She truly feels every client has a story to tell and is passionate about helping craft a unique design that will express that story. Whether it's announcing a birth, designing a logo or creating a wedding suite, Sarah Pederson will work with you to bring your custom project to life!